Benefits Of An Oral Appliance


Open Airway

A customized oral appliance stabilizes the lower jaw and tongue in a position that prevents your airway from collapsing all while still giving you the freedom of movement while you sleep.

Better Sleep

Compared to other snoring and sleep apnea treatments, like surgery and CPAP, oral appliance therapy has design with patient comfort in mind—small, gentle & comfortable.

Affordable Coverage

The entire Sleep Nashville team works hard from start to finish to limit your in-office visits to a minimum and keep your out-of-pocket expenses low.

Convenient Appliances

Your oral appliance is portable and can even fit in your pocket making traveling much easier. No more traveling with your CPAP where you need extra luggage and electricity at your destination.

Immediate Results

Depending upon the severity of your sleep disordered breathing and your compliance with your oral appliance, you should experience immediate improvements in daytime sleepiness and overall quality of life

In-Depth Analysis

At your initial visit, we evaluate your risk for sleep apnea and in some cases can provide you with a home sleep test that you administer in the comfort and privacy of your home.
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